About Us


Undergarments are like inner beauty - what you don't see matters... a lot!

Each woman's sense of beauty is unique to her - her style, her size. That's especially true with undergarments. Women come in many shapes and each deserves a fit and style that's just right for her. When it's done right, what's unseen can transform what's seen - your shape, your confidence, your sense of your own elegance and sensuality.

We're all about your comfort!

First of all, we're selective about the brands we carry. We know how things should be made - the materials, the design and the importance of seamless garments. Perfect My Silhouette, LLC has handpicked the companies it partners with so, essentially, we've done the shopping for you. Second, we've made your shopping experience more comfortable by letting you buy online. No more awkward sessions sifting through racks at the store. Now, you can preview our garments on your terms that work with your busy schedule and in the quiet and privacy of your own home.

We know body shaping!

Perfect My Silhouette, LLC specializes in undergarments that fit and shape you. With today's contemporary fabrics and ingenious designs, undergarments can provide wonderful compliments to your figure. And that means compliments to your figure!

First you can trust our brands - we only carry the best.
Second you can trust our expertise.
And finally, you can trust our integrity - we sell to customers all over the United States and overseas. Check out our privacy policy and our guarantees. You won't be disappointed.

We're all about trust.